New patient growth, sustained referral activity, and increased practice productivity are on-going challenges to most any healthcare office. Dr. Young’s program of creative strategies and innovative ideas have proven to be easily implemented, highly successful, and consistently repeatable. I give his practice program a thumbs-up five-star rating and highly recommend it!

James B. Bragman

D.O. FACP Internist

Dr. Young’s marketing strategies have been highlysuccessful in increasing the new patient volume at our office. His ideas are fresh, professional, and easy to implement. The best benefit of all is that his program continues to deliver favorable results with each new day.

Jennifer Zubke

Podiatric Office Manager

Dr, Charles Young has played an integral part in the successful development of our clinic by implementing many of his special practice management concepts. His understanding and ability to implement these uniquely specialized marketing ideas have assisted our growth and development as a hospital based clinical system.

Carol Hernandez

Business Manager, Beaumont Podiatry Clinic

Dr. Young was an excellent radio guest on a number of occasions and in addition to exceeding our media expectations, was also uniquely informative, articulate, and interesting for our listening audiences.

John Delle-Monache

Broadcast News Dept. Radio, Ford Motor Company

As a front-office podiatric assistant, I have had the pleasure of utilizing the creative practice management concepts of Dr. Charles Young over the past few years. His clinical approaches to increasing the new patient growth in our practice have proven to be highly successful. Dr. Young’s new patient program involves a multitude of unique strategies that are easy to use and produce quick positive results.

Deanna Carlton

Podiatric Office Assistant