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Dear Healthcare Professional,

If you’re like me, then you’re always looking for ways to attract new patients into your practice…

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to provide all the answers for you. They tell you the problems involved in getting new patients, and then, offer ways to resolve these problems. They tell us to create marketing letters, to develop websites, and to hand out business cards at health fairs, and blah, blah, blah.  If you’re tired of these non-sensical, time-wasting efforts, then read on…

We’re going to solve your problem!

The New Patient Growth Program

 The New Patient Growth Program, the only on-line home-study course for attracting new patients, gives you proven solutions, not just suggestions.

Years ago, when I was teaching courses, giving lectures, and presenting workshops on practice management topics, I came to focus my efforts on attracting new patients to a practice. I selected marketing strategies that were already proven to be successful by many of our colleagues and used those to create this course.  These special procedures or techniques are proven winners, cost effective, and very easy to implement.

My online program offers some 40+ strategies, in addition to step-by-step instructions on how to use them.  Any one of these strategies can and will more than pay for the cost of this course.  And the best part? You will see results!

How I learned to attract more new patients to my practice…

Look, we are all healthcare providers and have shared the same professional challenges as we developed our current practices.  We all have the same problems.  We want more new patients, increased practice productivity, and attainable growth and prosperity.

I’m no genius, but I did recognize early on that professional, tasteful, and effective marketing concepts (when applied correctly) could produce rapid, positive results.  I know this to be true because I’ve done it!  You can apply these same strategies and have the same success as I did.

I know what you’re thinking…  How does The New Patient Growth Program differ from other available informational sources?

Most authors that write about the trials and tribulations of attracting new patients talk about the problems involved and then suggest how to address those existing issues.

For instance, suggestions might include the doctor creating and sending out a welcome letter, doctor referral letter, a recall notification, developing a professional website, or maybe to design an effective practice brochure.  Well, you know what?

A majority of these suggestions will never be accomplished because of the time and effort involved, the creative work necessary, and/or the cost of having someone else doing it.  Thus, no pain, no gain and back to square one.

The New Patient Growth Program takes the standard strategies to a new, unheard-of level!
It gives you time-tested letter templates and cookbook instructions on how to implement these winning strategies.

You can use my brochure and/or website as your guidepost without running into copyright issues, saving you expensive design, editing, and printing costs.  My pre-written letters are already proven winners, so you don’t have to reinvent the creative elements that took me years to develop.

These letters and more are included in this product for immediate use.  The work you need to do to attract more new patients has already been done for you, saving you time and money in the long run.

The real secret to attracting more new patients to your practice is a concept that almost everyone gets wrong! 

My advice is this: Don’t waste your valuable time and money testing the market with unpredictable, unproven, and poorly-planned new patient strategies.  Instead, use my proven methods that can be easily implemented to provide rapid, positive results.

I have often heard the statement that marketing is a persistent process of testing, tweaking, and retesting until a desired positive response is attained.

Why not cut to the chase and use a product that has already passed the exams?  Save the time, expense, and effort and get the results you want right away!

It’s as easy as painting by numbers!


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