An Early Revelation That Became A Golden Nugget…

I can remember my graduation from podiatry school and then completing my residency training program as if it were yesterday. The feeling that most of my colleagues had at that time was that our degree and residency training would result in a rapid influx of new patients, practice growth, and prosperity beyond our expectations. However, for those of us not fortunate enough to have established family members already in practice, the picture was indeed different. Patients were not rushing in the door and prosperous times were maybe in the future but only after school loans, mortgage payments, and a multitude of other expenses.

At that point in my life, during the first few years of private practice, I made certain observations and decisions that guided the rest of my podiatric career. First; I realized that there were certain practitioners around the country who had outstanding reputations as having very large and successful private practices. They had the same degree as I, were usually older, and with less residency training. I decided at that time to make a list and visit many of the doctors to find out how they were so successful in practice building. Yes, it was costly but it proved to be an invaluable experience with life-long benefits.

To shorten the story, the bottom-line of what I learned was that most of those doctors were ahead of their times as far as healthcare marketing was concerned. They had learned the art of medicine and how to use it to build large successful practices. They worked hard to establish connections with their patients, to provide services to people in need as if they were family members, and they all worked in highly efficient settings where optimization of time and effort was the standard of operation.

I took notes and studied these individuals, read books and journal articles on the subject of medical marketing. I attended dental conventions where practice management concepts were always steps ahead of the general medical community.

These principles and concepts were implemented into my private practice and the results began to show quickly. After years of tweaking and modifying the existing procedures, I began to teach others what I had learned.

To date, I have written a book on Practice Growth, given numerous lecture presentations at various conventions, conducted workshops for physician groups, and have offered marketing consultations at hospitals and in clinic settings. One of my greatest pleasures at this time is to have a doctor contact me with a congratulatory comment about what these applied concepts have meant to his or her practice. I have recently moved into semi-retirement but still love the practice of podiatry and have remained involved in the area of healthcare consulting. I sincerely want to share this knowledge with others and invite you, urge you, and even ask you to give it a look. These marketing principles, when applied correctly, can make dramatic changes in your practice.


Charles R. Young, D.P.M.
Birth date: December 8, 1945

Undergraduate Education:
Wayne State University- Detroit, Michigan 1963-1965 Oakland University- Rochester, Michigan 1965-1967

Professional Medical Education:
Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine- Cleveland, Ohio 1967-1971 Degree: Graduated with Honors- Doctor of Podiatric Medicine- 1971

Medical and Surgical Podiatric Residency Program at Warren Memorial Hospital- Warren, Michigan 1971-1973

Present  Hospital  Staff Affiliations:
Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills – Farmington Hills, Michigan

Professional Association Memberships:
American Podiatric Medical Association Michigan Podiatric Medical Association

Southeast Division of the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine Alumni Association

American Academy of Ambulatory Foot Surgery

American Arthritis Foundation American Diabetes Association American Public Health Association

Current and Past Honors, Awards, and Special Appointments:

Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine- Cleveland, Ohio

Assistant Professor at the Michigan State University Osteopathic School of Medicine

Current Co-Director of the Botsford Hospital Podiatry Clinic

Board Certified in both Primary Care and Surgery

Member of the Teaching Staff at Botsford General Hospital

Past Director of Podiatric Residency Training at Straith Memorial Hospital- 1975

Fellow- American College of Foot Surgeons

Fellow- American College of Ambulatory Foot Surgery

Past-President of the Southeast Division of the Michigan State Podiatry Association

Team Consultant and Podiatrist for the Detroit Express Professional Soccer Team

Guest Lecturer on various Podiatric Topics at Local and National Seminars

Consulting Editor to Podiatry Management Magazine

Columnist- Eccentric Newspaper on Sports Medicine and Jogging

Author of two Published Texts and the Writer/Producer of a Medical Video Movie

Author of a six CD Series on Practice Growth- Purchased and distributed by Dermik Lab Pharmaceutical